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Online Registration Requirements


The registration process outlined below is required only if you will be submitting or reviewing online PASRR requests for Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF). PASRR requests for SNF can only be performed online.

Help is available by contacting the PASRR help desk at 919-813-5603 (Direct) / 888-245-0179 (Toll Free). Choose option 7 from the main menu and then option 2 for the technical help desk. To conact us by email, please send your questions to

Our Fax number is :- 919-224-1072

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Please follow these steps:

image Step 1. Computer with Internet Access

To access the online application, all users will need access to a personal computer with internet access.

image Step 2. Email Account

A valid email account is required for correspondence to be emailed through the online tool. If you do not have a company email account, free email accounts can be set up using many search vendors such as AOL, Google, Yahoo etc...

image Step 3. Create your user login credentials

Users must establish a user ID and password with the North Carolina Identity Management Service (NCID). The NCID Service is the standard identity management and access service provided to State, local, business and citizen users by the State of North Carolina. NCID enables its customers to achieve an elevated degree of security and access control to real time resources such as the MUST application. Users can leverage the NCID service to:

  • Create and Manage user accounts
  • Provide user self-service functions such as self registration and password recovery

To create your NCID, follow the instructions located on the NCID page.

Please Note: Creation of your NCID requires Internet Explorer. If you are using Fire Fox, be sure to enable the Internet Explorer rendering engine.

For issues related to the creation of your NCID, please refer to the Help and Support page

image Step 4. Elect The Primary Organization Administrator

The Primary Organization Administrator role is granted to the user who registers the Organization within MUST. The Primary Organization Administrator will also be responsible for completing the Confidentiality and Security Agreement and the Organization Registration Form. Addditional responsibilities include the following:

  • Approve users registering for access to the Organization
  • Ensuring that those users gain access to only required functionality
  • Disabling inactive user accounts
  • Keeping the Organizations Profile up to date
  • Delegating the Admin role to one or more backups within the Organization

Please Note: Once the Primary Administrator Role is granted to the user, the user can delegate the Admin role to other users who have register into the organization. This is helpful if the user who registers the organization will not be able to manage the day to day activities such as those mentioned above. For large Organizations, you may consider delegating the Admin role to several users of the Organization.

For large Organizations that have several physical sites, several departments or other complex organization models, please contact the Technical Help Desk before registering your Organization. We will assist you with creating a model that meets your organizational requirement.

image Step 5. Complete your registration by selecting one of the following options:

image Step 6. Orientation and Training

The following methods below are available to assist with acclimating you to the application.

  • One on one or group training is available online. Email for inquiries.
  • As a supplement to online training, you should refer to the User Documentation Manual as your training guide.
  • For additional assistance, you can refer to our Help and Support page.
  • Additional methods such as Online Training will be available in the near future.

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